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Best Steam Cleaners

Best Steam Cleaners


Steam cleaners are appliances or devices that utilize steam to quickly dry, clean, and sanitize non-living surfaces. The concept of using steam is to disinfect or sterilize the target surfaces. Steam cleaners do not only get rid of germs but they also kill fleas, dust mites that are found on surfaces.


There are actually so many types of steam cleaners in the market today and choosing one should be based on your budget and on what you want to clean and sanitize mostly in your house. Here are the best steam cleaners and models with their own specifications.


Karcher SC1 Steam Stick is an all around steam cleaner with extended hose and attachment, this device is efficient in getting rid of tough stains on hard surfaces. With its extended hose, it can reach difficult and awkward locations when cleaning corners and angular curve spots. Heat-up time is about 3 minutes, so just enough time to do a fast cleaning task.


The Bissell Steam Shot is a flexible handheld steam cleaner that is useful in cleaning difficult to access areas. Its accessories include a window squeegee, three color-coded brushes, and a 0.36 liter tank which provides 8 minutes of steaming time. Its price is competitive with other steam cleaners and it's perfect for odd bits of cleaning.


The Vileda Steam Mop is a stripped-down and back-to-basics floor cleaner. Reasonably priced, this steam cleaner is easy to use, easy to operate since it follows the conventional principle of cleaner mops.


Bissell Vac and Steam is a multi-functional steam cleaner that is designed with an integrated bag-less cylinder vacuum to help suction dirt while cleaning. This model is incredibly competent in handling tough stains on the floor. This is a great choice as it gets rid of dirt through suction and, at the same time, sanitizes the surface area.


Vax Steam Fresh Power Plus is known as the big daddy of steam cleaners. It is designed as a top-tier cleaner and has a variety of cleaning functions. It is an excellent choice for cleaning hard floors, carpets, and even wall stains. It is considered a premium steam cleaner.


With these steam cleaners, you not only eliminate germs, bacteria and microorganisms, such as mold, dust mites, but the hot steam vapor provides a natural sanitizing and deodorizing agent, which does not make use of a chemical agent. As steam is applied, this penetrates the surfaces destroying molds, germs, viruses, mites and bacteria.